AboutHans Prakashan

Hans Prakashan, We are in the age of innovation and technology,time clock is running fast and 2021 is near. We have a lot to achieve, at the same time our glorious Hindi literature is providing a light to morden Indian world. Hindi is an eminent form of language in India and acceptable in other countries. We are proud to continue the legacy of Hindi with help of our publication work. Various masterpiece works of Hindi Literature is our achievement.

We are the leading publishing house in India. We are in the field of publication for almost a decade now and many more glorious years are to come. Praises should not come by own, however we would like to mention that we have done remarkable work in the field of publication. The publication has been started way back in the year '2010' and has seen many springs, up and down. Despite all hurdles and all the problems we have proved ourself and have delivered quality of work.

As a leading publishing house we are always keen and enthusiastic to provide quality of reading material to our readers. We have published various masterpecie in Hindi literary work, material related to music, about our acient Auryveda, Yoga, dalit literaturea,books telling about our ancient history many translation work from English to Hindi and last but not the least many textbooks. We thrive to give more to our readers in various other fields and work hard towards it. For us our "Readers and Authors matter".

No doubt we have been making milestones in this field and goals are set for coming years. Working endless to achieve our future goals. We have published many renowned authors of Hindi literature. These eminent personalities have been recognized by everyone and been awarded for their achievements.

We are a team and work with coordination,for an author the work done is a masterpiece. With all respect we take the ownership and under their supervision and valuable inputs, we design the work in the form of a book and present it to the readers. We always try our best to provide the work done by the author with minimal changes to the readers. We try our best to provide the best of the authors to the readers in the original form.